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Sunday, August 2, 2015

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

Note from John C. Dvorak

Good Riddance July



July is over and your No Agenda Show hopes to regain earlier momentum with more support and cuter kitten pics. We ask you, the loyal No Agenda supporters to celebrate the end of a miserable July with a tribute to August One 8-1-15 with a lucky $81.15 contribution.

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Tomorrow’s show looks to be a whopper. There’s the sketchy new Ebola vaccine that passed clinical trials. Who would volunteer for that?

Next we hear that Cecil the Lion had a brother and now he was just killed. This is pretty fishy.

Then suddenly 3 Bin Ladens were killed in a small plane crash? Meanwhile we hear of a so-called “heat dome” hovering over Iran resulting in ground temps of a whopping 165F or 70-degrees Celsius. Looking deeper into the story, it's bullcrap.
Heat Dome over the Middle East. Not the time to vacation there.
The list goes on. You do not want to miss tomorrow’s show. And please contribute any amount that you can afford.
Your co-host,

PS Adam just got an award from the Podcast Movement event in Texas. Who did he thank? YOU the great audience of producers. Sir Gene recorded the moment here.

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